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The forgotten Niche

Unique travel experiences interconnecting all players of the travel industry

Tourism Back Office

Toubacko is a tool that can be embedded in any travel website. The clou is that hotels themselves bundle their best travel experiences into packages catering all sorts of interests . They know best about their uniqueness and what added value they can offer. The “Digital Concierge” will suggest complete stays including suggestions and perks (such as a little market nearby, a good spot to watch the sunset, local delicacies tastings, Spa & Wellness etc) The booking is made directly on the homepage of any sales level.

Toubacko Product Range

Single Hotel Page

Concierge Office is a tool embedded in the Hotel’s own website. The “Digital Concierge” will suggest complete stays and authentic experiences, all tailor-made. Nobody knows the attractions in and nearby the property better than your best concierge. The booking is made directly on the homepage avoiding commission to third parties.

Multi Hotel Page

DMO Office is a tool that is embedded in the tourist destination’s website. A “digital concierge” suggests complete stays and authentic experiences in the region. Several travel experiences can be combined and bought in one single session. The booking goes directly to the contributing hotel avoiding commissions to OTAs.

Resellers Page

Our software is ideal for well connected Mini DMCs allowing them to high perform at almost no cost and focus on their selected clients. The content comes either from the hotel or the local insider, it is ready to use. The most laborious part, administrative and financial, is executed by an excellent DMC.

Benefits for the costumers - on all booking levels

  1. The client would need days of research to find out all the hidden treasures.
  2. The customer likes to be seduced by freebies and perks.
  3. Payment directly to the hotel.
  4. In 4 clicks to an valuable & meaningfull holiday experience.
  5. With an integrated CRM, the client feels pampered at every stage.

About us

ITC started in 2011 to create a software tailor-made for the renowned incoming agency BIT – Brazilian Incentives & Tourism.

There since, BIT advanced to one of the leading DMCs in South America, also thanks to the software. The joined efforts resulted in the Toubacko platform, which is unrivalled today. Surprising as it may seem, there is no similar product for online travel booking.

While everyone was concentrating on the implementation of OTA solutions, ITC went the opposite way. Instead of just offering individual rooms, Toubacko allows its clients to combine entire Experience Packages.

Another differential is that the application can be used at all different levels. ITC offers since 2018 solutions for hotels, travel agents and Tour Operators alike. A new way for hotels, tourism destinations and travel agents on different levels to sell their product is now available.

In July 2020, ITZ (Innovation Transfer Zentralschweiz) selected ITC as potential Start Up company to be supported. Our team counts with the competence of 12 specialists.

CEO: C. Lengsfeld
CTO: A. Soares
CMO: M. Lassance
Partner company:



    ITC Travel Concept GmbH, Rothusmatt 25, CH-6300 Zug


    +41 (44) 585-1744