All Combined

Toubacko – Interconnecting all players of the the travel process

The combination of all the different levels is probably what gives the Toubacko product a disruptive dimension. Hotels, which have been trying to bundle the best travel experiences and sell them directly on their homepage for quite some time, have found an excellent way to show their singularity. But now there is also the DMC, who can also sell these great packages. Through the very intuitive CRM, he can also pamper his customers and add services as desired. The same applies to the tour operator.

They all benefit from a totally new concept. They only need to add a code snippet to their home page. Thus, travel bloggers, marketing associations like Virtuoso or tourism destinations (DMOs) can also use the platform. Everyone decides for themselves which products are shown on which home page.

No one needs to implement a software or train his staff. All one needs to do is to catalogue his great highlights and bundle them cleverly into an experience package. Important is to negotiate a fair rate with partnerring hotel. It will be happy to add Perks & Benefits as all bookings come to the hotel.

All packages have in common that travellers could only put together these trips with lot of effort and time. If at all. On top, you can mix & match them, getting instant itineraries ready to book on-line.

Anyone with a passion and good local knowledge can design his or her own experience packages -and make money from it.